What is a permit not required for?
  • Fences except those used as a barrier around a swimming pool or required for pedestrian safety
  • Residential window or door replacements
  • Residential reroofs
  • Residential roof sheathing replacements of 256 square feet or less
  • Residential residing work
  • Low voltage (50 volts maximum) wiring systems and equipment that are not a component of any fire protection system, access control system, egress control system, located in a plenum or penetrate fire-rated or smoke-protected construction.
  • Gutters
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Playground equipment
  • On-grade patios (including wood patios)
  • Driveways - unless greater than 5,000 square feet in size
  • Flagpoles 30 feet or less in height
  • Temporary ramps serving residential dwellings that are no more than 30 inches high
  • Replacement of above-ground LP-gas containers which meet the following:
    • Installed in the same location
    • Capacity of the containers are the same
    • Installed by the serving gas supplier
  • Or, any other exemptions listed under Section 108.1 of the Virginia Construction Code or the Virginia Residential Code

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