What if I am not selected?

Your application will remain active for ninety (90) calendar days. If you wish to apply for other positions that come open in this period of time, you will need to call, email, or stop by our office to let us know of your interest in applying. You will also need to keep us informed of any change of address or telephone numbers during this ninety (90) day period.

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1. Does the City have a job hot line?
2. How do I get to your office?
3. Where do you advertise your jobs?
4. How often are jobs posted?
5. What are your office hours?
6. Should I send a resume with my job application?
7. Is the City's job application online?
8. What is the City's e-mail address for Human Resources?
9. What are the qualifications for positions posted?
10. I was told a job would be opening soon. May I turn in an application for the position?
11. What if I am selected?
12. What if I am not selected?