How Do I Get a Permit?

Complete a Sign Application (PDF)

Provide the following:

  • Site plan showing the location of the sign on the property
  • Building elevations if sign is located on building
  • Renderings showing sign(s) and dimensions of proposed sign(s)
  • Renderings showing sign(s) and dimensions of any existing signage located on the same parcel
  • We will only be accepting plans and applications in PDF format. All pdf plans and applications need to be legible for acceptance. Illegible PDFs and other electronic formats (such as jpg, tiff, etc...) will not be accepted.

After the review and approval, the sign permit can be issued.

Any electrical work associated with a sign will require a separate electrical permit. All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician and all signs must be listed and labeled as per the National Electric Code Article 110.3B and 600.3.

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