What will my license cost?

License tax for the first year of operation will be based on an estimate of your gross receipts from the date you begin operation until the end of the current year. Each subsequent year's license costs will be determined by your actual gross receipts from the prior year. Businesses are subject to supplemental billing for the first two years of operation. Tax rates vary by classification depending on the nature of your business and businesses may have multiple classifications. 

All businesses making less than $50,000 in gross receipts will pay a flat $50 fee per classification. For businesses with gross receipts of $50,000 or greater please refer to the rate chart below:

  • Contractors - $.16 per $100 gross receipts
  • Retail and Short-Term Rental - $.20 per $100 gross receipts
  • Repair, Personal, Amusement, and Business Services - $.36 per $100 gross receipts
  • Real Estate, Financial, and Professional Services - $.58 per $100 gross receipts
  • Wholesale Business- $.13 per $100 gross receipts or purchases

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