Resilient Library Collection

Your RetirementOver more than 20-plus years of helping Americans achieve their retirement dreams, Rajiv Nagaich has developed a step-by-step guide to retirement planning by connecting the various dots of the retirement planning process. LifePlanning is a system that brings together legal, financial, and housing issues into a coordinated effort that can work to make sure you don't end up being forced into institutionalized care, going broke, and being a burden on your family.

creativeenduranceFeaturing inspiring stories from designers, astronauts, illustrators, ultramarathoners, chefs, photographers, and an Olympic Gold medalist, Creative Endurance provides a unique combination of practical advice, in the form of 56 “rules, alongside inspiring examples to help you overcome creative obstacles and thrive.

50 ways50 Ways to More Calm, Less Stress explores different ways each of our five senses can help bring more calm and less stress into our lives. Whether through touch, sight, taste, smell, or sound, each activity includes research or science-backed studies that support why it offers health and wellness benefits as well as ways you can incorporate them into your own life. The best part―most of the activities are either low or no cost and can be done inside your own home or right outside your door.

Hello SleepHello Sleep is a guide for people with insomnia to help them shift their relationship with sleep, so that it stops being a battle and starts being enjoyable and natural again. It is a practical, self-guided tour through evidence-based interventions for chronic insomnia, including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), phototherapy, chronotherapy, mindfulness-based approaches, and medication tapering.

LessonsProfound essays that cut through the messiness of life to help you get the good from the bad—by famed therapist Phil Stutz, the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Tools and subject of the Netflix documentary Stutz. Each one will change the way you think, but taken all together, this book becomes something far more than the sum of its parts, a compendium of human experience and knowledge that will reframe your worldview.

thinkIn this searing and inspiring memoir, Nicole Avant turns the pain of her family's loss into the fuel that pushes her forward into an even more committed life of love and activism: "We can't banish evil," she writes. "We have to learn to swim through trauma and live for all of those who can't." Turning tragedy into inspiration, Think You'll Be Happy--her mom's last words to Nicole--provides a roadmap for anyone working to remain positive and anchored in hope.

Resilient Library Collection

The Resilient Library Collection - located in our New Book Area at the front of the library - is a one-stop-shop for healthy aging and adult caregiving with books, DVDs, audiobooks and print resources.

The Collection includes items on the following topics:

  • Healthy Aging - exercise, creativity, decluttering, humor, ageism, anxiety, stress, and memory
  • Financial - retirement planning, reverse mortgages, budgeting, credit, investing, single women and money, entrepreneurship, health care, and second careers
  • Adult Caregiving - Alzheimer's and dementia care, hospice, caregiver burnout, handouts with shopping resources for older adults and caregivers
  • Technology - Books about computers and apps designed for seniors, like laptops for seniors, Microsoft 11 for seniors, etc
  • Housing - books about how to age in place at home safely, and alternative housing options