Water Loss Information

Water Usage Table

TypeNormal UseConservation
Shower5 Minute Shower - 20 GallonsTake shorter showers / Use low-flow showerheads
Bath TubAverage 36 GallonsTake a Shower over a bath
Toilet Flushing1.6 to 4 GallonsInstall new low-flow toilets
Hand washing2 GallonsInstalling faucet-head aerators to aid in reducing flow rate
Brushing Teeth5 Gallons - Tap RunningTurn off water when brushing teeth
Shaving15 Gallons - Tap RunningTurn off water when shaving
Sink Dishwashing10 to 30 GallonsInstall a new 1.5-2-gallon faucet. Use efficient hand-washing techniques
Dishwasher6 to 16 GallonsInstall an EnergyStar dishwasher
Washing Machine25 to 40 gallonsReplace washer with an EnergyStar unit
Outdoor Watering2 to 10 gallonsPrioritize watering and or eliminate

Additional Resource

If you have a dripping faucet, check out the American Water Works Association Dripping Calculator. Simply enter number of drips per minute and see the water loss.

Dripping Calculator