Miscellaneous Fees

Bulk Water Charge

At Water Treatment Plant
$50 plus $5 per 1,000 gallons

Fire Hydrant Meter

Deposit$500 for use of a backflow meter. This is refunded when the meter is returned, pending any outstanding charges owed the city or damage to the returned meter.
Connection fee$10
Water UsageThe rate of the small commercial rate with a base fee plus the rate per 1,000 gallons used per month
Minimum chargedA minimum of 10,000 gallons will be charged per month. Any water used over 10,000 gallons will be charged at actual gallons used per month.
Cost to move the meterContractor is not allowed to move the meter and the cost for the city to move the meter is $10 each occurrence.

Other Fees

Locate Lateral in Existing Sewer$250 plus $100 per hour
Low Pressure Complaint (If not within City system)$100
Meter Re-reads$10 for a second trip
Penalty for Late Payment$5 per service if residential or 5% of bill if commercial or industrial.
Reconnect Fee for Non-Payment$25 for Residential or Small General Service

$75 for Residential or Small General Service if done after hours or weekends

All other customers will be charged the cost of making the reconnection, with a minimum of $250