Sanitation Division

This division operates five semi-automated garbage trucks, two front-loading dumpster trucks, one brush chipper and one knuckle boom crane. We collect approximately 9,500 totes a week from residential homes and small businesses and the dumpster service empties 460 pans a week.

We also:

  • Pick up normal residential/routine brush and bulk items placed at the street. Please contact us if you have a question about this service. Depending on the quantity and/or type of debris you may be required to arrange for disposal.
  • Pick up paper and trash along roadsides.
  • Clean up after special events such as the Salem Fair, Olde Salem Days and the Salem Christmas parade.
  • Maintain all totes that have been placed throughout the city at homes, businesses, and in the parks.
  • Hang and remove the American flag and special event flags along Main Street as requested.
  • Provide dumpster service to businesses in Salem.

General Information

  • Toter Placement
    • Place tote at the street by 5:30 am on your scheduled collection day.
    • It must be removed from the street by 7 am on the following day.
    • Between collection days the tote must be placed beside or behind the principal building, but not be left at the street.
  • Items Other Than Tote
    • Do not place any items in the general vicinity of your tote if you do not want them thrown away.
    • Bulk items and tree trimmings need to be placed at the street on your scheduled collection day.
  • Moving?
    • Tote must be left at the present address. Call to have tote taken to new address.
  • Recycling
    • For information call the Solid Waste Transfer Station at 540-375-3052.