Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Salem joined the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority on July 1, 2016. This new venture will not affect the way your trash or bulk items are collected by Salem garbage trucks, but it will offer all citizens a number of new disposal options.

Residents can now use both the Salem Transfer Station on Indiana Street and the Tinker Creek Transfer Station, located at 1029 Hollins Road in Roanoke to discard brush or items that will not fit into their tote. Salem residents are allowed to drop off items a total of 12 times a calendar year at no cost. You can make all of your trips to the Salem station or use both sites, but your total number of trips cannot exceed a dozen. Restrictions do apply to both the types of materials that can be discarded and the size of the vehicle carrying the items into the transfer station. Check Roanoke Valley Resource Authority for a full list.

Residents also now have a number of new opportunities for disposing of household hazardous waste. Latex paint, aerosol cans, lead acid car batteries, used antifreeze, and used motor oil can be dropped off during normal operating hours at the Tinker Creek site.

In addition, many other items can be discarded responsibly at Tinker Creek on the third Saturday of each month. You must register at least 24 hours ahead of these events to participate, but signing up is free and easy.

To learn more about registration, which items are accepted, and the many other beneficial facets of the new waste disposal agreement, please visit the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority or call 540-857-5050.