Bulk Collection Policy

Definition of Bulk Waste

Material too large to be placed in normal waste collection containers (mobile totes or dumpsters) such as appliances, furniture, residential yard waste, and other debris is considered regular or routine residential solid waste. This service is not intended for the collection of debris generated in the process of demolition, renovation, or remodeling.

Materials that are greater than regular or routine, demolition, renovation, and remodeling must be disposed of by the homeowner. The owner can deliver to the Roanoke or Salem Transfer stations. RVRA's phone number is 540-283-6550. Or rvra.net for rules and regulations.

Qualification for Bulk Waste Collection

  • All single-family residential properties within the City of Salem qualify for bulk waste collection.
  • Multi-family residential properties that utilize the City's Sanitation services for normal scheduled solid waste collection.
  • Household appliances large enough to pose a threat for entrapment to a child must have the door removed or secured in such a way that the door will not close. They must also be empty and those capable of containing compressed gas must have the gas evacuated prior to collection.
  • Brush and tree trimmings and other vegetative debris that is consistent with normal residential yard maintenance will qualify for bulk waste collection if the debris is generated on the property containing a single or multi-family dwelling.

Placement for Bulk Collection

Bulk waste collection will be collected at the curb of the property on which the waste material is generated or in the area of the normal collection site and clear of any overhead obstructions.

Materials Prohibited from City of Salem Bulk Collection

No bulk waste collection will be made in an area that may pose a threat to:

  • Cause injury to the City employee
  • Cause damage to the City equipment
  • The health and well-being to the citizens of Salem
  • Impair or adversely impinge on the environment

Waste material generated from the activities requiring a Building Permit issued by the City of Salem will not qualify for the City's bulk waste collection. It will be the responsibility of the contractor issued the building permit or property owner to properly manage the waste generated and arrange for its proper disposal.

Waste material generated by any contractor or person receiving a fee to perform a job will be required to properly manage the waste generated and arrange for its proper disposal.

Debris consistent with land clearing operations on unimproved residential property will not qualify for bulk collection by the City.

  • Debris consistent with land clearing or excavation
  • Dirt, rock or any type masonry debris
  • Stumps
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Cans
  • Barrels
  • Items too large to be safely handled by the City's collection equipment
  • Items used in industrial process or commercial application
  • Vehicle parts 

Prohibited materials shall not be placed in an area that would indicate a need for collection.

Frequency of Collection

Bulk discarded items that qualify for collection by the City will be collected during normal waste collection days or at the earliest scheduled time.

Building Debris

Building debris shall be inspected by the Building Inspector's Office to see if a building permit is required.