Municipal Golf Course

About Salem Municipal Golf Course

Salem Municipal Golf Course was built in 1919 on a 46-acre tract of land just a few blocks from the center of the city. The picturesque par 34, nine-hole, 2,400-yard course is the perfect place for new golfers of any age to learn the game in a relaxing atmosphere.

From 2001 to 2008, the greens at the course consisted of artificial turf and Salem Municipal Golf Course Logoover time they became increasingly slick and treacherous for even the most talented players. Workers from the city ripped out the "worn out carpet" and replaced it with the sand greens that were the course's trademark during its heyday.

The sand greens are made up of a combination of sand and clay and they have a consistency similar to the infield of a baseball diamond. The third and key ingredient in the mix is the bonding agent that holds the sand and dirt together. Durasoil is a synthetic, organic, environmentally friendly product that helps the greens remain packed and maintain a consistent roll.

"The thing I'm really seeing is people who haven't been here in a while returning to the course and enjoying themselves," says Salem Municipal Director, Chuck Johnston. "The golfers just love the new putting surfaces and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive."

Every year in April there is a Salem Benefit Golf tournament to benefit a local resident in need.

Daily Summer Specials

Monday: Ladies Day
Tuesday and Thursday: City of Salem employee day (retirees included)
Wednesday: Senior day ( age 60 + )

All daily specials are $5

Student Rate of $5 Every day includes college students

All other rates:
Weekdays: Regular $9 Senior $8
Weekends: Regular and Senior $10

Municipal Golf Course