Traffic Complaint Form (Fillable PDF)

This program is designed to allow the community the opportunity to alert the City of Salem Police to potential traffic problems in their neighborhood or a particular location within the city. Such complaints might be drivers who repeatedly disobey a stop sign at an intersection, fail to slow down in school zones, or routinely speed at a particular location.

Please include the time of day that the problem most often occurs so that we will be able to assign your complaint efficiently. It is helpful if you tell us how to contact you in case we have questions.

Amplification Permit (Fillable PDF)

An amplification permit is required any time a loudspeaker or other mechanical or electronic device is used to intensify music or voice.

The responsible party is required to fill out the above application and then must bring it to the police department during normal business hours to meet with an authorized officer to have the form signed off on as approval.

Scrap Metal Dealer Application and Instructions (PDF)

Effective Friday, November 1, 2013, the Salem Police Department will implement the process for obtaining a permit to conduct scrap metal transactions in the City of Salem in accordance with The Code of Virginia 59.1-118. Persons wishing to apply for a permit must first obtain and complete a "Scrap Metal Dealer Application" from the Salem Police Department website or from the Salem Police Department Records Division during the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Monday through Friday. Please remember that a permit is NOT needed for those dealers who do not conduct transactions involving more than 600 pounds combined weight or enters into more than 26 combined transactions annually (59.1-116.1). Dealers who are under this threshold will only be required to submit Virginia State Police Form 313. This is available on the Virginia State Police website and at Salem Iron and Metal. Questions regarding the scrap metal permit process should be directed to the Detective Division at 540-375-3083.