Fire Marshal

Fire Marshall staff and shield (PDF)

The Fire Marshal's office fulfills a support role in the overall mission of the Salem Fire and EMS. The office is responsible for enforcing the current Statewide Fire Prevention Code, which has been adopted by the City of Salem. Also, the following responsibilities fall under the Fire Marshal's office: 

  • Performing safety inspections
  • Reviewing plans for development
  • Investigations of incidents involving fires  
  • Environmental crimes 
  • Bombings 
  • Public education 
  • Public information

Salem Fire-EMS Department's Fire Marshal's office employs two full-time personnel for inspections and investigations.

Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal Robert Paxton and Captain/Deputy Fire Marshal Todd Bedwell, conduct annual inspections of restaurants, schools, and industrial premises.

Scheduling Inspections

The Fire Marshal has a steady schedule of inspections and calling to schedule is not currently possible. If you have a new business or have questions about when your premises will be inspected, call the Fire Marshal's office at 540-375-3080.

Virginia Fire Code

View current Virginia Fire Code to see that your business is in compliance.