Fence Height Limits

Sec. 106-406.19. - Location and design of fences.

  1. Except as provided for in sections 106-402 and 106-406.17, fences may be constructed in any location, on any lot.
  2. In any residence district no fence or wall more than three and one-half feet high may be erected between the building setback line and the street on which the lot faces. No fence or wall more than eight feet high may be erected within any residence district.

Sec. 106-406.17. - Establishment of sight triangles.

  1. To promote visibility for pedestrians and the operators of motor vehicles, a clear sight triangle shall be established at the intersecting right-of-ways of any two public streets. The legs of this sight triangle shall be 25 feet in length. They shall begin at the point of intersection of the two street right-of-ways and shall extend 25 feet along each right-of-way line. The triangle shall be formed by connecting the endpoints of these two lines.
  2. Within this sight triangle nothing in excess of three feet in height shall be constructed, placed, or permanently parked. In addition, no vegetative plantings within the triangle shall be allowed to grow to a height of greater than three feet.
  1. Fences do not require a permit.
  2. If you have a corner lot please review the diagram below for height limitations.
  3. If you do not have a corner lot height limits are as follows - Front yard: 3.5 feet - Side and rear yards: 8 feet (Please reference the diagram below for yard locations)
  4. There are no regulations regarding materials or which side of the fence must face outward.
  5. Fences may be placed in any location on your lot.
Fence Height Limits