Utility Collections


The Utility Collections office is responsible for:

  • Collecting payments for utility bills
  • Handling all service requests to set up, change or disconnect water, sewer or electric utility service
  • Collect and manage customer security deposits when required
  • Manage fuel and cooling assistance programs based on information provided by Department of Social Services (DSS)

Electric Rates - Water Rates - Sewer Rates

Procedure For Utility Service Sign-Up

Instructions on how to sign up for utilities at City Hall:

  1. Fill out either the Residential Form (PDF) or Commercial Form (PDF) available at the Utility Collections office or complete the application online and email it along with a copy of your Driver's License to Utility Collections
  2. A copy of your Driver's License is required whether through email or in person
  3. Have a check, money order or credit card available to cover the deposit:
    1. Residential Utility Deposit: $250
    2. Commercial Utility Deposit: Call for deposit amount
    3. Homeowners: No Deposit Required
    4. Connection Fees: Billed on Your First Bill
  4. Applications for renters can be brought into the office or dropped in the drop-box outside City Hall with copies of the completed application, a copy of your ID, and the deposit. Purchasers can email their application and ID, drop it in the drop-box, or bring it into the office.

If you have any questions, contact Utility Collections: